People may ask why? When you know how Lana gives herself tirelessly, her zest for life, the energy she exudes, her spirituality, you know this is something very important to her. Lana's caring is sincere, it's motivated by a given promise and the unimaginable loss of her son.

We wanted to show this side of giving, even this side of MMA athletes. Martial Arts is a physical and spiritual undertaking which requires heart and dedication, even before talent. So when you have been blessed with such skills and oportunities, you will feel the need to give back. Be willing to learn from selflessness, while looking the needs of others, square in the face like an opponent; doing what you can to defeat their dispair. Thank you Drey Mitchell and David Mitchell for giving back, carrying on the spirit of compassion and caring.

Lana's journey continues and we invite you to share this glimpse into her mission. Please visit to get more information on how to assist with this tremendous effort.
Thank you.

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